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Hi, I’m Pirie; an award winning filmmaker, writer, and artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. 


I’ve been writing and making films since I was four years old, having been blessed with parents who encouraged that sort of thing. Back in the day it was all just fun and make-believe, but as I’ve matured (debatable) I’ve come to appreciate the incredible power fiction has.


For me, the act of telling and listening to stories is not just neurologically fascinating - it’s probably the most uniquely human thing about this weird little species of ours. A lot of my work focuses on the 'meaning of life,' death, infinity, and even our limited understanding of what 'reality' is. I’m fuelled by a passion for language, psychology, history, science, philosophy, religion, and an undying love of worldbuilding. 


Most of my creative energy goes into using the familiar conventions of myth or genre to tackle big questions and off-the-wall concepts. The use of mass appeal entertainment to deliver thought-provoking ideas and wild new experiences is what really gets me out of bed in the morning.

My first independent short film Andy’s Venture was nominated ‘Best short Comedy’ at the 2017 Houston Comedy Film Festival, followed by a Special Mention at The 2018 London Worldwide Comedy Festival, and was later picked up for limited online distribution in 2018. Over the past decade I’ve co-produced or served key roles on several award nominated (and some award winning) shorts, with projects screening at festivals across the globe. I’ve written for a Hollywood distributor, and have recently completed my first feature film; ‘Psychosis.’

More exciting film and literary projects are always in development, taking up much of my valuable sleeping time.


Being the son of two artists; an illustrator/printmaker and a ceramicist/graphic designer, I also have a long standing love of things hung on walls. My own artwork consists of landscape oil paintings, etchings, and digital art. My work is mostly expressionistic, meditative, and not particularly deep (I save the philosophy for my writing). You can find my work here.

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