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Aside from filmmaking I'm also a keen artist creating oil paintings, etchings/prints, and digital art. (Want to know more?)

To purchase selected works, click on the images or check out my online stores below.

Oil Paintings & Prints:

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Digital art:

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About My Work


I’m an Adelaide born artist working across multiple media; oil painting, printmaking, and digital art. I’m also a filmmaker and a writer - and I bring that love for storytelling to my art as well, aiming to capture imaginations and draw an audience into a new world. 


I employ intuitive mark-making and an expressionistic colour selection system, seeking not to perfectly reproduce, overwork, or refine any image - instead to keep traces of my process visible. Being able to see this process, my choices, or what my eye focuses on tells it's own story and creates a more personal connection to the subject, artist, and viewer.


My work often focuses on pathways leading into a scene, views or abandoned or mysterious places begging for exploration, or tiny details that encourage the viewer to step forward and get lost for a while in a fictional environment.

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