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As a filmmaker and writer I'm always developing new ideas. Below is a list of current or ongoing projects both for fans seeking updates as well as prospective investors/collaborators. If you are interested in producing, acquiring, publishing or otherwise curious for more information regarding any of these projects please feel free to contact me.

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Films & Screenplays



Independent Feature - Thriller, Horror, Neo-Noir


A criminal fixer who experiences auditory hallucinations must confront old demons when a mysterious contract drags him into a surreal maelstrom of mind-altering drugs, delusional vigilantes and a sadistic hypnotist who seems more monster than man.

Screenplay completed 2016

Production completed 2022

World Premiere: August 13, 2023, Popcorn Frights Film Festival, Florida, USA

Release: TBA

Blood Butterfly

Short - Horror


The line between reality and nightmare blurs when a burned-out detective’s existential despair literally manifests at the scene of a horrific ritual murder.

Screenplay: Re-writes complete January 2023

Production: TBA/2023

Release: TBA

This list last updated January 2023


The following projects are works-in-progress, specific titles and plot outlines are either in development or confidential:


Thriller Screenplay - feature length - first draft 127 pages, currently under major rewrites

An intense, stylistic psychological thriller about identity, cycles of violence, and standing up to insurmountable odds.


Horror Screenplay - feature length - first draft in progress - 40 pages

A pitch-black but ultimately cathartic apocalyptic/cosmic horror exploring metaphors of death, memory, and finding meaning in an uncaring universe.

Sci-Fi/Neo-Western Screenplay - feature length - outline under way

A mystery thriller with sci-fi elements which ultimately explores deep vulnerability, and how people avoid it.

Action/Thriller Screenplay - feature length - very early development

A battle-of-wits action/thriller tackling themes of ethics, accountability, and societal collapse.

This list last updated September 2023


The following projects are a work in progress, specific titles and plot outlines are either in development or confidential:

Mystery/detective Novel - first draft underway

A light-hearted mystery thriller in which a young history nerd turns amateur sleuth when the small country town of his childhood kicks up one bizarre mystery after another. 

Potential sequel in brainstorming stages.

Worldbuilding project - (always) in development

A long term worldbuilding project featuring constructed languages, cultures and art created in service of a series of large scale mythopoeic fantasy tales. This has been in the works for many years collaborating with one of my closest friends, and remains an ongoing passion project - or series of projects...

Sci-Fi Worldbuilding Project - in development

Another large scale worldbuilding project aimed at exploring mythic storytelling in a timeless way, folding the entire history and future of the universe into the space of 'legend', while also satisfying my obsession with futurism and science. 

Graphic Novel(s)

Currently toying with the format, combining stories with my art interests...


This list last updated September 2023

Films and Screenplays
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